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15 сентября 2023 в 15:53
Time is up!

Topped up the deposit from an Uzcard card. I couldn’t display the map on this map because it simply doesn’t exist. I don’t have any other cards or e-wallets.I asked a friend for a card to transfer money to his humo cardThe system also accepted payment from this card, but when it wanted to withdraw, this card disappeared.I wrote to them by email that they had added new details for withdrawal, but unfortunately they said that they would simply block me, since the card was not mine.I’m just wondering why the system accepts payment from a Uzcard card, but doesn’t allow withdrawals to it and comes up with some ridiculous excuses? Is it right?

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    Posted on 22 September 2023 at 11:50

    Good afternoon! While UZ cards may not always be available for withdrawals, however our support team is here to assist you in finding alternative withdrawal methods that are convenient for you. It is important to note that depositing from payment methods belonging to third parties is a gross violation of casino rules, which you could familiarize yourself with before registering in our project.

    1xSlots team.

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